Wednesday, 26 October 2011


Sorry if I'm boring you all with WSS stuff but until I've worked out how to get rest of pics from external hard drive onto blog there's going to be a bit more WSS until then, Naps, ACW, SYW will follow I promise!!

Part of the Irish Brigade in French Service, with Garde Francais to rear

"the Blue King" Max Emmanuel , in centre, red tunic and white trimmed hat

Cologne Dragoons, mounted and dismounted, all bases have now been done, in blue are Liebregiment Nothafft, in red Chassonville Dragoons

Cologne Liebregiment zuPferde Arco, flanked by Bremen Grenadiers in red and Mecklenburg-Strelitz Infantry, British Infantry to rear

Bremen Genadiers, front and rear views

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  1. That last pic set me to humming "British Grenadiers" for the umpteenth time since the weekend.