Wednesday, 19 October 2011


Many thanks to all who have left comments, much appreciated, the suggestion about getting a small child to help put pics on blog does appeal to me, anyone got a spare one on a non-returnable basis ? Teenagers not acceptable unless Cai (my half German Shepherd/Welsh Collie mate) can use said teenager as a chew-stick (small child as dog food hence non-returnable). Those who have met Cai and survived will understand, I've begun to award bravery citations to all postal workers, couriers, deliverymen, and tradesmen who knock front door!!! The bravest of the brave is the Parcel Force lad ( who seems to wear shorts in all weathers), most wary is the Royal Mail Post girl who when she has to get something signed for, parks van on drive, stays in it and honks horn like crazy until I go out to the van to take delivery.

I've compared Schilling figures against several other makers inc Art-Miniaturen, Hinton Hunt etc and they seem to be of compatible height, slightly thicker in the body than A-M, no flash at all which A-M does seem to suffer from occasionly, the large array of poses available is a definite plus.

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