Friday, 21 October 2011


A couple more views of Black Powder game, French versus Austrians, less than 20% of my French Army collection on the table and about 50% of my Austrians, I kid you not !!! Yeah I know I'm totally crazy/obessesed etc etc

Worked out the other day I have 7,000 odd figures suitable just for Waterloo period, Heaven knows just how many other Napoleonic I've got, all German States, Spain, Portugal, Russia,all arms infantry, cavalry, artillery, command plus supply trains and ad infinitum, if you think that's bad wait still I start on ACW (someone once said I could put on Gettysburg on a 1 to 1 basis)

I do know that the WSS collection all painted is 3,000 items, luckily I have a very understanding wife ( who actually paints horses for me from time to time )


  1. Blimey John - that's all very very impressive! I also like your remodelled Airfix La Haye Sainte. Looking forward to seeing that 1:1 Gettysburg...


  2. it's OK John, I'm just as bad with my tank collection. Well done BTW!!!!

  3. Nice Battle.
    How did BP performs with this many figures?? We tried it with only around 250 per side..

  4. Awesome looking game. Great to see lots of figures on the table.