Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Now I've started it !!

After many years of pressure from various parties I've finally got round to doing a blog, the idea behind the title " 20 mm Nostalgic Revival " is to again make available to 20 mm collectors and gamers some of the old 20 mm ranges that have over the years disappeared or gone out of production and to introduce to the younger generation of gamers the appeal of these ranges, an added intention is to produce ranges of 20 mm figures that the major makers of 20 mm figures, both metal and plastic, are unlikely to ever produce. The main periods covered will be 1600 to 1900 ( so don't expect Ancients, Medieval or WW 1 or 2 and later ( well maybe WW 1 in East Africa and Palestine)

Over the last few years I've been lucky enough to get hold of original moulds and masters of the following ranges

Les Higgins ECW and Marlburians
Douglas Miniatures Marlburians (Crimean and some Naps coming soon)
Wodensfeld ACW & SYW French

All these ranges are now back into production, amongst the new ranges are, Sepoys for Wellington in India, Akalis 19th century Sikh Fanatics and 1740s Arqubusiers de Grassin, these have been don in conjunction with friends across the world who found the scultors, supplied the uniform information, suggested ranges and poses for these and I have had them moulded and cast.

I intend to post pictures of my collection over the coming months to include ECW/30YW, WSS/GNW, SYW, AWI, Naps, ACW, FPW, Colonials, I have amassed over the past 40 odd years fairly large armies for these periods and as I've said I've finally bowed to pressure to share my 20 mm obession

Thanks are due Uwe, Harry, Richard, Jim, Iain, Donald, Terry, John, Stuart, David, Eamon et al, if I've missed anyone they'll get a mention in the future


  1. i still have some of the Douglas Miniatures Russian Crimean Russian figures somewhere. They were nice figures.

    All the best,


  2. How does one buy these figures or obtain listings ?

  3. Contact me at Cunnjoh (at) aol (dot ) com and i'll send listings and prices

  4. also see http://web.archive.org/web/20110719132124/http:/www.intonet.co.uk/~rblack/

    contact details top of page