Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Douglas Miniatures test shots

here's a few Douglas Miniatures Crimean test shots, painted by the redoubtable Lord S.A., left to right Russian infantry in helmets, Caucasian Rifles, Cossack Lancer and Cossack Artillery crew (in small fur caps), I must point out that the artillery piece is not DM but it's from the Airfix ACW Artillery set, looks the part though

Monday, 23 January 2012

Douglas Miniatures Napoleonics

I have completed the DM Napoleonic proposed listings below, and as I said on earlier post, trial casting runs in progress and should they turn out ok, should be ready in 2/3 weeks, the Napoleonic range contain some early and later variants and yet again there are a few gaps. I'm trying out one conversion of a French Guard Sapper (thanks to Paul). I must thank various pals for their emails about the re-release of DM, they have given me a lot of encouragement (pressure!!), again hoping I don't let them down if things don't turn out as hoped.

Once again I refer you all to the original listings of DM ranges on the Vintage 20mil website

Douglas Miniatures Napoleonic 20 mm range

NP 1 Spanish Infantry Death Regt advance
NP 3      “           “        officer
NP 4 French Grenadier of the Guard advance
NP 5 Austro-Hungarian Grenadier advance
NP 6 Brunswick Black Corps advance
NP 7 British Line Infantry advance
NP 8      “        “        “        firing
NP 9      “       “        “         officer
NP 9a    “        “        “            “      ( later variant)
NP 10    “       “        “         standard bearer (later variant)
NP 11 French Line voltigeur advance
NP 13     “         “    Foot Artillery officer
NP 14      “        “       “        “         with ramrod
NP 15     “         “        “       “          with spike
NP 16     “         “       “        “          with ball
NP 17     “         “    Voltigeur officer
NP 18     “         “           “        standard bearer
NP 19     “     Guard grenadier officer
NP 20     “         “          “          standard bearer
NP 21 British Hussar in busby with carbine
NP 21a   “          “       Horse
NP 22 French Guard Grenadier   firing
NP 23     “       Line Voltigeur firing
NP 30 British Line Infantry at ready, with musket sling (later variant)
NP 31     “         “        “         “     “      (another later variant)
NP 32 French Guard Sapper in apron, advance ( conversion not original)

There is another figure on the original moulds that is defying all efforts to produce a decent master for remoulding, it's either a Spanish Grenadier or a variant of a Austro-Hungarian Grenadier, I'll keep trying but do not hold your breath

Sunday, 22 January 2012

Douglas Miniatures Crimean

Here's the proposed DM Crimea figures listing, I'm just hoping the trail casting runs turn out ok, if so the lads will be ready in about 2/3 weeks, I'll try and do the Napoleonic listing soon, and if anyone know the whereabouts of a DM Marlburian gun crew I'd be very interested, I'm not sure if this was ever issued but as I found a Marlburian outrider and a galloper gun carriage on the original DM moulds, you never know

B1 Light Dragoon
B2 Scot Grey
B3 Lancer
B4 Heavy Dragoon
B5 Infantry Officer
B6 Infantry Advancing
B7 Infantry Firing
B9 Guardsman Advancing
B10 Guardsman Firing
B12 Royal Foot Artillery Officer (same as B5?)
B13     "      "        "       Gunner with spike
B14     "      "        "            "        "   ball
B15     "      "        "            "        "   ramrod
B20 RFA outrider for horse team
B21 Guards running
F1 French Zouave
R1 Officer in Helmet
R2 Infantry in helmet advancing
B3     "       "      "     firing
B4 Cossack Horse Artillery officer, small fur cap
B5     "          "           "       gunner with ramrod
B6     "          "           "           "       "    spike
B7     "          "           "           "       "    ball
B10 Cossack lancer
B10a    "        horse
R13 Caucasian Rifles
R14 Infantry Standard bearer in helmet
R15 Caucasian Rifles Officer
R24 Cossack Horse Artillery Officer in large fur cap
R25     "           "          "       Gunner "   "      "    "   with ramrod
R26     "           "          "           "      "   "      "    "      "     ball
R27     "           "          "           "      "   "      "    "      "    spike
R28     "           "          "        outrider for horse team
Horses and Artillery
BH1 Cavalry horse
BH 2 Artillery horse saddled
BH3     "          "      off side  
A1 Gun carriage solid trail
A2    "      "         open trial
A3 Limber, centre pole
A4  traces
A5  wheel
A6  gun barrel
The gun set will include gun (with gun carriage of choice ), limber, traces, 2 outriders and 4 gun crew (of choice) and 4 horses (2 of each type), if 6 horse team required just ask
There are a few items that are not yet available from original Douglas Miniatures listing but will be added when available, see Douglas Miniatures heading on Vintage 20mil website for the full original listing

Saturday, 21 January 2012

Random shots 3

a quick selection from my collection

 above Scruby British Colonial
 not sure of maker, any ideas??
 Scruby mounted Indian/Afghan?
 Scruby Saxe-Weimar Schutzen
SYW drummers mixed maker, any suggestions??
Scruby Zulu and Dervish(maybe?)

Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Douglas Miniatures

At long last this week I've finally got round to completing the remastering most of the Douglas Miniatures Napoleonic and Crimean 20 mm ranges, I bought the original moulds some years back and slowly recast figures from them, the moulds were in a poor state and it's taken till now to get masters that I'm happy with, I also went through my collection and found some of the figures that were missing from the original moulds, various pals gave or sold me more examples, for which I greatly appreciate. I've discovered various variants amongst the figures, eg 2 Crimean Cossack Horse Artillery gun crews in different poses and headgear, variants of British Napoleonic Infantry, a Marlburian artillery outrider, galloper gun carriage and others

There are a few figures missing from the ranges but hopefully in time I'll find examples and add them to the ranges, I'll post a full listing on the blog (and maybe pics!!) as soon as they have been cast up and I'm satisified with the results.

For a full listing of DM figures have a look at Vintage 20mil website.

If anyone out there has any of the following figures and would be willing for me to use them as masters please get in touch

Crimea British
B8 Guards Officer, B17 Line Infantry Standard Bearer, B 18 Guards Standard Bearer, there is also a highlander figure
Crimean Russian
R2a and 3a in caps, R9 Dragoon, R11 Lancer
NP2 Spanish Grenadier, and four British FA gunners

again any help much appreciated

Sunday, 15 January 2012

Random figures 2

again looking for the maker of above SYW

above selection of Scruby Colonials

yet again looking for maker of these SYW cavalry

and another query

Minifigs S range SYW French Cuirassiers

more random shots soon

Random figures from collection

Have been extremely busy last few weeks getting orders out and organising masters for the re-release of Douglas Miniatures Crimea range, I'm nearly there, should be available by end of this month if all goes well

have posted a few figures from my collection below with the hope of all you brainy fellas out there who might know who made the figures, the first picture is posted at the request of a friend who wanted to see what the figures looked like

above Les Higgins/PMD French Line Horse Artillery Crew, these were as far as i know never released, the poses are the same as the Guard HA crew and the officer that came with them is exactly the same as Guard HA officer, when I examined these closely code numbers on the bases were same as Guard HA, i did suspect that they were conversions but they definitely are not!!

Seven Years War gun crew any ideas of maker?

SYW Hussar, again who made them? there is a lovely B/W pic of these in the old "Discovering Wargames" booklet

Minifigs S Range, identification of figure please

SYW Generals, who made them? are they Garrison or Greenwood & Ball?

Plans are well advanced for Iain's next visit, ECW this time, all I have to do is paint yet more blasted horses, 80 plus, riders already done thankfully

Have added 3 more variations to my Les Higgins ECW range all based on to Roundhead Trooper EP 11, now available openhanded, with wheel-lock pistol and a carbine

More Pics and news shortly