Tuesday, 14 March 2017

Recent Reading

Sorry no pics this time just a few comments on what i've been reading

Military History & Uniforms No 1, (published by Patrizan Press)  very interesting articles on Venetian Army and Navy in the Holy League War 1684-1699, with a brilliant pic of a Venetian heavy cavalryman in Greece 1685, which has given me an idea of doing a conversion using a Hinton Hunt ECW cuirassier with a head swop from either head from HH ECW Royalist trooper or from Les Higgins ECW cavalry figures with plumed hat, Watch this space!!

Swedish Colours & Standards of GNW 1700-21 by Schorr & Hoglund, 2nd revised edition, a much improved version from the 1980's version, all B/W illustrations with descriptions of the colours, excellent printing

Frank Taylor's 2 volumes, Marlborough's Wars, a classic

Wargames Illustrated No 353, great article by Barry Hilton on the abortive raid on Camaret Bay 18th June 1694, this scenario could well be used for other periods, Mr Hilton has also done over recent months several articles for WSS & GNW in above mag, all very useful

1st Peninsular War WSS, after some discussion with other interested parties i have been asked to do a Les Higgins style conversion for a Spanish Death Hussar as illustrated in Funcken's Lace Wars and a Bueno plate, yellow uniform with black trim, wearing a mirliton (was only a short lived unit), Again watch this space!!

A theme seems to be apparent !! Well the period 1660 to 1720 is i must admit my favourite gaming period

Cheers Old John

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  1. Nice to see this great site active once more and to see the fruits of the intervening years worth of painting. Looking forward to seeing more examples of your work and castings.