Thursday, 30 March 2017

Recent Ebay Booty

got these off Ebay recently lads in buff coats were marked Honourable Artillery Company and ones in red were marked Ordnance Regt so i checked in Barnes' History of British Army Uniforms and lo and behold there was a colour plate showing HAC 1721 in tricorne, reading found that Ordnance Regt was original name of 7 th Foot Royal Fusiliers, in te other pic has a rather nice conversion of an early fire engine, the figurs were marked for various artillery companies, all in all nice additions to my WSS forces


  1. Nicely painted - straight on to the table I would think! Great find. All Les Higgins I assume?

    1. Yes all the lads are Les Higgins, the ones in caps are ECW figs, gun also Les Higgins,Limber i think Hinchcliffe 20mm, large horse is Minifigs, the 2 horse team are plastic, the fire engine pump converted from various bits, as you say straight onto table, although not sure how to get fire engine to charge French cavalry!!!!
      Cheers Old John

    2. If it's on the table, John, you'll find a way to charge with it I'm sure. Probably with a +1.