Sunday, 12 March 2017

Ga Pa

Pics of GNW game last December using Rank & File rules with a few house amendments, 2000ish figures mostly plastic with some Les Higgins Marlburians painted as Swedish, Russian & Saxon Generals
Redan by Imex. Table 10 feet x 5 feet
Must admit I didn't paint all of the figures but commissioned a few lads locally to paint for me, one poor lad took on approx 140 pieces of  Zvedva Russian artillery inc gunners, guns, horses, wagons etc, result was that after completing them all, he had to spend a week in a cold dark room at Psychiatric Hospital to recover!!
Charles XII on litter by Strelets, Peter the Great mounted by Strelets,commanding
 at top right of table were loads of Cossacks including drummers, Priests and dancing girls!!! plus a few wagons mounting light guns

game time was about 19 hours over 2 days followed by a quick Colonial game with "The Men who would be King " rules, which are great fun

Cheers Old John


  1. What a splendid battlefield!

  2. Stunning.... I am stockpiling the figures, but not painting them! Nice to see somebody getting something completed.

  3. Any pictures of the colonial game? I've recently acquired Would be Kings but not played it yet.

    1. Sorry no pics, but i recommend Men who would be King rules great fun, fast play
      cheers old John