Saturday, 31 March 2012

ECW Game

Think I've gone a bit berserk with the piccies, apologies on the quality of some, taken on the Mem-Sahib's camera phone, pics show the initial table set-up before Tony and I got to grips, table 10 feet X 5 feet, just under 1000 figures, Les Higgins  ( some on S Range horses), Hinton Hunt, S range and a few Hinchcliffe and Revell.  First day we used Charles Wesencraft's rules from his "Practical Wargaming" book, these worked extremely well ( well, I would say that seeing how my Parlimentarians won), we played the game over 7/8 hours, had massed cavalry scrap, units flying and dying all over the place, Royalist artillery died at their guns, I was able to outflank the Royalist left wing ( took a hell of a long time to get into position), most enjoyable game against an excellent opponent . Second day charged the layout and fought with Victory without Quarter rules, 15 units a side and again a hard fought battle with, dare i say it, yet another Parlimentarian victory, fight was extremely fierce with me ending up with only 5 viable units and Tony with 3 kind of hurt, Tony will be putting his view and assessment of the games on his blog "Prometheus in Aspic"

Royalist commanders conference

 Royalists certainly needed the above conviences!!

 Parlimentarian Command group

 Royalist Dragoons (Hinton Hunt)

 S Range Scots Lancers
 Scots Infantry

 Hey Fred, do you regret volunteering for the "Forlorn Hope"

 Losers of duels ended up in the stocks!!

 Figures above are Rose ECW

above Tumbling Dice Cuirassiers
 the winning General!!

 above Hinton Hunt Royalist Generals

Buildings from various sources, most tents from the old Atlantic US Camp set, some trees by Merit


  1. Camera madness! Brilliant looking game, Pops, and yet again you reveal a huge collection I've not seen before. How do you do that?

    How did the Victory Without Quarter rules play out?


  2. Camera madness indeed but what the hell, you've just got to share, since EB's last visit I've been slowly increasing collection in preparation for the game and only had to paint up 80 plus horses, riders were part of an ECW collection I bought last year.
    Victory without Quarter rules worked well for the most part, need a few tweaks, see Prometheus in Aspic blog for a more sensible write up
    Next Projects
    figures for Conrad's Boyne charity march and game and then Sedgemoor for EB's next drubbing, this apart from the usual getting out figure orders and moulding up old ranges
    cheers John

  3. Looks great to me. How can one argue with 20mm or 1/72nd as a size/scale for wargaming? And the old Waterloo farmhouses ahhhhhh.
    but, not to be picky but do I not see 1 or 2 later Minifig highlanders mixed in to the ranks? Stout hearted fellows that they are. I've never been able to keep them away from a good fight.


    1. hi Ross, well spotted with the later Minifig Scots, couldn't leave them out in case they got upset

      Are there any other scales other than 20mm ???? !!!!!!

  4. That's a mighty looking game!!

    1. Hi Ray, many thanks for comment and others you have left in the past
      cheers john

  5. hi John
    What an incredible set up ! good to see the Rose ECW, these i think are quiet rare


    1. hi Paul, they are the only Rose ECW that I've ever seen and got me mitts on, always looking out for more
      cheers john

  6. A cracking looking game. Congratulations on your victory John. I have a Waterloo farmhouse in the works at the moment.

  7. Wonderful Layout, all those nice painted model. wow simply wow.
    must be a hard time collecting these old vintage models.
    Sadly these are no longer available