Monday, 26 March 2012

ECW Bash set-up

A partial view of table from  the Parliment side, table a little over-dressed, there's about 1000 figures on the table. More pics to follow as soon as batteries charge up


  1. Looking very good.

  2. A few of those buildimgs take me back.

    wonder how many of those cards cottages I have built over the years.

    (Nice figures too)


  3. Looks fantastic, though I have an uncomfortable feeling I'm going to die on that field. I'll pass my watch and snuff box to the trumpeter when the time comes.

    The Airfix thatched cottages remind me that I fell out with my friend Hutchy when he and I built one each for our joint model railway project. We disagreed - quite violently, in fact - over which way round the windows should go in. That ended the project, though I think I hung on to his Merit stone walls.

    The argument was in second year at high school, but I think I still have his stone walls. That'll teach him.

  4. Oooh nice! That's how the ECW should look.

  5. Bloomin' marvelous, Pops. It'll be a classic game I'm sure. Looking forward to hearing what rules you're going to use. Have a good one.