Sunday, 15 January 2012

Random figures from collection

Have been extremely busy last few weeks getting orders out and organising masters for the re-release of Douglas Miniatures Crimea range, I'm nearly there, should be available by end of this month if all goes well

have posted a few figures from my collection below with the hope of all you brainy fellas out there who might know who made the figures, the first picture is posted at the request of a friend who wanted to see what the figures looked like

above Les Higgins/PMD French Line Horse Artillery Crew, these were as far as i know never released, the poses are the same as the Guard HA crew and the officer that came with them is exactly the same as Guard HA officer, when I examined these closely code numbers on the bases were same as Guard HA, i did suspect that they were conversions but they definitely are not!!

Seven Years War gun crew any ideas of maker?

SYW Hussar, again who made them? there is a lovely B/W pic of these in the old "Discovering Wargames" booklet

Minifigs S Range, identification of figure please

SYW Generals, who made them? are they Garrison or Greenwood & Ball?

Plans are well advanced for Iain's next visit, ECW this time, all I have to do is paint yet more blasted horses, 80 plus, riders already done thankfully

Have added 3 more variations to my Les Higgins ECW range all based on to Roundhead Trooper EP 11, now available openhanded, with wheel-lock pistol and a carbine

More Pics and news shortly


  1. Hello John,
    considering the time of Your post,you must suffer the same problem as me,that is no being able to sleep past 05.30am.
    Keep up the good work.
    Robbie. Independentwargames

  2. Hi John,

    I was up at this time too - but just because of our 10-month old daughter:-)))

    I guess the Hussar is a Garrison as the pose remembers me on some others I have.


  3. John - SYW generals - I have absolutely no idea what the figures are, but those horses look like Lamming to me.

    Thanks very much for posting the PMD horse artillery pic.

    Cheers - Tony

  4. Tony, my pleasure

    Uwe and Robbie, afraid the time of posting not correct as i haven't adusted clock on blog,was actually 8 a.m GMT
    cheers john

  5. I don't recognise any of the figures, before my time I'm afraid. The hussar and the staff officer look particularly fine though.