Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Douglas Miniatures

At long last this week I've finally got round to completing the remastering most of the Douglas Miniatures Napoleonic and Crimean 20 mm ranges, I bought the original moulds some years back and slowly recast figures from them, the moulds were in a poor state and it's taken till now to get masters that I'm happy with, I also went through my collection and found some of the figures that were missing from the original moulds, various pals gave or sold me more examples, for which I greatly appreciate. I've discovered various variants amongst the figures, eg 2 Crimean Cossack Horse Artillery gun crews in different poses and headgear, variants of British Napoleonic Infantry, a Marlburian artillery outrider, galloper gun carriage and others

There are a few figures missing from the ranges but hopefully in time I'll find examples and add them to the ranges, I'll post a full listing on the blog (and maybe pics!!) as soon as they have been cast up and I'm satisified with the results.

For a full listing of DM figures have a look at Vintage 20mil website.

If anyone out there has any of the following figures and would be willing for me to use them as masters please get in touch

Crimea British
B8 Guards Officer, B17 Line Infantry Standard Bearer, B 18 Guards Standard Bearer, there is also a highlander figure
Crimean Russian
R2a and 3a in caps, R9 Dragoon, R11 Lancer
NP2 Spanish Grenadier, and four British FA gunners

again any help much appreciated

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