Monday, 26 December 2011

BBB part 3

This is what happens to postmen, couriers, delivery agents who don't delivery on time and those who think they can beat me on the games table, courtesy of my hairy hound Cai, those who have had the misfortune to meet him will understand,

"Paunches to the left of them, Paunches to the right of them"

Mr Rogers, Dafydd, Matthew and birthday boy Gareth, apologies to Stuart, Craig, Shaun and the better looking Dafydd who all with due modesty avoided the camera


  1. Thanks John, well done on the painting!
    Also thanks to Dafydd and Dafydd and as always great food and welcome at Gareth's and Llin's,
    look forward to the next one!!!

  2. Looks like a great game seems like it was great fun! I've added a link on my blog.

  3. Come on Pops, what's the latest?

    Essex Boy