Monday, 26 December 2011

Seasonal Greetings and BBB piccies

above Allied cavalry

above French forces

above Allied assault towards Blenheim

French cavalry move up in support

the Birthday Boy, hands in pocket, on right the shoulder biting Dafydd

May I wish all followers of this blog a Very Happy Xmas and a Figureful New Year , I trust you all found in your Santa's stockings the masses of figures, books, paints, terrain that you've always wanted, and I hope you all had a very peaceful Xmas.

I must apologise to those to whom I didn't send cards this year, my only excuse is that due to loadsa orders for for my figures I spent the last two weeks dashing backwards and forwards to local Post Office sending off piles of parcels all over the place and just ran out of time, but the upside is that because of all monies recieved I can now go towards new moulds for some new castings and the recasting of some older ranges ( 3 variations of Les Higgins ECW cavalry, thanks Ian, Crimean and Franco/Prussians , thanks John & Harry et al, Napoleonic heads, thanks James, Napoleon in Egypt, thanks Clive, plus some varied figures,thanks Uwe and finally the Douglas Miniatures Crimean will go into production mid Jan 2012, at long , long last), should mention that a small range of recast from originals of ECW and Crimean are now available.

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