Tuesday, 22 November 2011

Boy!! Did I Get Creamed

Initial set-up, on right Spanish, then Austrians, then French

British bottom of pic, then the prussians

bottom left small mixed German States Brigade allied to Prussians, massed Prussian cavalry in centre right

following two pics are of a small WSS Scots unit that Iain presented me with prior to the game, the word bribery was not mentioned !!

Since my last posting I've been preparing the SYW game for Iain's visit last week-end and what a scrap it turned out to be, Iain chose the Prussians and British (in hindsight right choice) I commanded the Austrians, French and Spanish, we used Age of Honor rules, a Fire & Fury variation, I launced everything at him with the result of getting blown away ,literally, by devastating Prussian volley fire, Spanish cavalry got flattened by British cavalry, Prussian Hussar brigade did sterling work by routing a very large brigade of Irish in Spanish service, captured four guns until they got clobbered by Austrian artillery( Spanish infantry fire was absymal even with enfilade fire). On my right wing French cavalry advanced across rough terrain to be met by Prussian Cuirassiers and Dragoons, several charges and melees later, Prussains gained the upper hand, in the centre my heavy French cavalry pushed back several Prussian infantry units until they succumbed to Prussian volley fire.

I lost about fifteen (yes,15 !! ) units to Iain's 2 maybe 3 , pics were taken at various stages which I will post over next few days.

Figures used were, Garrison, Revell, Art-Miniaturen, S Range Minifigs, my Wodensfeld, Airfix conversions (from French Foreign Legion to Brit SYW infantry , done in 1966!! ) and Spencer Smith plastic cavalry (which Iain now loves, but don't tell anyone.


  1. That will teach you to put your trust in the Irish Cunningham!

  2. Hey John, so show the photos of the Airfix conversions too!!!

    It seems it is good to have Iain as an allie eh? :-)

  3. Wow a table full of Figures. Great...