Sunday 16 July 2017

More Farming stuff

Had these for a few weeks off Ebay , reminds me, must get outside and do some weeding!!!

Also got me hands on from a German pal nearly a complete collection of Wagner prints for WSS troops, nearly 300 prints, mostly in back and white with a few coloured or partly coloured, some were missing, most Bavarian for some reason but Germans pals are tracking down these so i can complete collection, a most valuable addition to my WSS references
cheers Old John


  1. Yum, purple pork!
    Very nie buildings JC. Do you know who makes the wee log cabins? I rather like those.

    1. think Log Cabin is by either Zvevda or Italeri, windmill could be from Thomas the Tank railway series
      purple pork pigs very old English breed!!!!
      cheers Old John